Who set the world on fire?

The First Session

The first session opened with the bard and paladin fleeing Nucity.

Once out of the city, the bard revealed that somebody had handed him a bag with something in it. Inside was a very particular book.

Then the party was attacked by Dire Rats. Then a giant cow charged the party.

Quick notes on the rest:
- We headed to a town, which turned out to be on fire
- We figured out what was causing it and what we had to do to stop it
- We were ambushed by skeletons en route
- The bard & book managed to stop the flames with a crazy plan
- We recovered the stone that was causing the world-ending flames, and convinced it to behave until we could get to a gate to the plane of fire (although we haven’t told the stone which plane we intend to strand him on)

Vriska: 4 (2 dire rats + 2 skeletons)
Bard: 1 (1 dire rat)
Druid: 2 (2 dire rats)
Book: 0



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